The Galeri aims to provide comprehensive information on the evolution of the palm oil industry in Malaysia, focussing on the effects of research and development (R&D) on the agro-based and manufacturing industry related to processing of the oil palm. The exhibits follow a dual integrated theme to showcase the industry development, tracing the technological progress from the historical perspective towards the futuristic outlook, with an underlying theme to excite the potential entrepreneurs and venture capitalists to invest in the palm oil business towards sustainable development of the industry.

From chronological walk-throughs to detailed mock-ups of the processing facilities and the Golden Yellow Belt of the Palm-based Products, the Galeri gives you an excellent taste of the mammoth content of the palm oil industry. Divided strategically into 8 sub-galleries with an individual focus, each gallery is structured with the intention to stimulate your interest in palm oil, from learning about its processes and discovering its uses to participating in business opportunities arising from its industry.


The 8 sub-galleries are :

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